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SUMMER 2020 

Even though I'm sad that I won't be opening the popsicle stand this summer due to COVID-19, but I'm super excited to be delivering treats throughout the summer! Click the ORDER NOW below and you'll be cooling off with amazing vegan popsicles all the way to my delicious new vegan ice cream!


Due to the ongoing COVID -19 pandemic, Bluegirl's Popsicles and Frozen Treats is following guidance from Governer Cooper and public health officials to keep customers safe. The following precautions will be taken: there will be no-contact delivery, I will be receiving payments through Venmo, I will be using quality cleaning supplies, I will be washing my hands frequently, I will be wearing a mask while I cook, to keep you safe and follow the orders recommended by the CDC.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Love, Bluegirl


How to Order:

To order popsicles you need to contact me, because I don't really have my own shop. Just text or email me and I will probably  return your order in a few days. I will deliver your order to you and  I hope you like my pops! My contact information is to the right!


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Hours:   Mon-Fri 3PM-8PM

            Sat-Sun 9AM-8PM