my popsicles

Why popsicles?

A couple years ago a family friend gave me this AMAZING popsicle recipe book called Glow Pops. The author Liz Moody is so creative and has the best tips on how to make the best popsicles that will taste good, and also be good for your body as well! Everything in the book is vegan and I'm pretty sure gluten free too. Anyways, after a few recipes I loved making them, and I realized I might have a knack. So this past summer, I held a popsicle stand down at Camp Riverlea's Forest Hills Bus Stop. It was a hit, and I realized I loved selling them and knowing that people enjoyed eating them. So now I created a website and sort of a catering business. I hope you enjoy my pops and more because this is just for you!



It's what's on the inside that counts

So, you might have seen this on the homepage as you were scrolling down and also in the paragraph above this, but all my​ popsicles are vegan! (And homemade but you already knew that) Yup! And all of them are made with some sort of ingredient that benefits your health. So if our looking for a dessert that is both healthy and SUPER YUMMY, don't forget to try some of my popsicles!  


So excited you might order some Popsicles!


How to Order:

To order popsicles you need to contact me, because I don't really have my own shop. Just text or email me and I will probably  return your order in a few days. I will deliver your order to you and  I hope you like my pops! My contact information is to the right!


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