#Cold Brew Mocha
Fresh and delicious!

I have a wide variety of flavors, all really healthy and VEGAN. From watermelon lime to chocolate pudding i can make more flavors than you can imagine! Click on the Menu to view my flavors.




My Moving Popsicle Shop

My popsicle-making is more or less a hobby so it's not really a "business". Therefore, I don't have an actual place or a kitchen, so I make everything at my house. So if you want to order something either email me or text me. Click ABOUT for contact information and business hours.

Frozen Treats
Ice Cream and more!

If you think popsicles are the only frozen desserts I like making than you are totally wrong. I also make ice cream and ice cream sandwiches! Don't forget to check it out! 

If your interested in other frozen treats click on ICE CREAM AND MORE.

How to Order:

To order popsicles you need to contact me, because I don't really have my own shop. Just text or email me and I will probably  return your order in a few days. I will deliver your order to you and  I hope you like my pops! My contact information is to the right!


To Text: 


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Hours:   Mon-Fri 3PM-8PM

            Sat-Sun 9AM-8PM